Rodent Control

rodent control services Pest Control Solutions Gilbert AZPest Control Solutions offers quality rodent control services by hand-picked and experienced experts.

Common rodent pests include roof rats, woodrats (or pack rats), mice and other rodents. The presence of rodents can result in structural damage to your property and loss of your garden, crops and vegetation. Rodents can also be health hazards to humans since they are known carriers of many diseases.

Services for rodent control include both rodent exclusion and rodent extermination.

Rodent Exclusion, also known as home rodent-proofing, is the process of preventing the rodents from entering your home or building. We do this by identifying and sealing as many entry points as possible. A unified effort from all your neighbors also increases the chances of prevention.

Rodent extermination is mostly achieved through trapping. This is performed if a rodent infestation already present. The reduction of the pest population assists in the prevention of population growth, especially since rodents reproduce very quickly.

Our friendly staff and rodent control experts are ready to assist you. If you suspect a rodent problem then protect your home, your investment, your vegetation and yourself by calling Pest Control Solutions today.