Scorpion Guarantee Program – PCS Scorpion Warranty With Annual Renewal Option

Contrary to popular belief, scorpions CAN be controlled and possibly eliminated from your property, (we cannot stop them from coming).

In-house testing of the top 10 pesticides has found one brand that will kill scorpions within two hours of application. Two brands will a scorpion within two weeks. All others take 3-6 weeks to kill a scorpion.

Our PREMIUM Scorpion Service includes:

  1. Outside block wall dusting.
  2. Inside attic dusting.
  3. Premium (two hour/two week kill) pesticides.

The Scorpion Extermination Service Warranty

Pest Control Solutions warranties that if live scorpions are found within two weeks after service, we will return to spray the property at no charge, within the service month.

Mention that you saw the “scorpion warranty page” on our website and receive 30% off your initial Premium service.

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