Bird Control

bird control bird exclusion Pest Control Solutions Gilbert AZIf unwanted birds or pigeons are roosting in areas of your home, you already know what nuisance it can be. Aside from the overall noise and distraction, unwanted avian guests leave heaps of droppings, feathers and debris, which are unsanitary. These droppings are often masses of diseases and can pose serious health risks.

If your home or property has become subject to a bird infestation, don’t delay. Call Pest Control solutions before it gets any worse. Pest Control Solutions is a full service bird control specialist and will help rid your property of any pesky, winged intruders.

Whether your problem is starlings, pigeons or swallows, Pest Control Solutions will design an effective means of getting rid of them and create a deterrent that insures the birds won’t come back. Our highly trained bird removal and exclusion experts utilize a wide array of tools and techniques to accomplish this, including:

  • Baits
  • Netting
  • Wires and spikes to deter the birds from roosting
  • Small non-lethal shocks
  • Noise devices

At Pest Control Solutions, we understand that you want to rid yourself of this nuisance without harming the birds. We take a humanitarian approach to bird control and whenever possible will remove the offending birds without harming a feather.

No matter the species or extent of the infestation, Pest Control Solutions will remove the unwanted guests in their entirety. We offer prompt reliable service and will be there to deal with the problem right away. Pest Control Solutions is fully licensed and insured and offers free estimates. We stand behind our initial quotes and will never tack on any hidden fees.

Send unwanted birds back to their own nests. Call the bird exclusion experts at Pest Control Solutions today!